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Art Connect

Our art connect is an initiative to connect the kids with Art Saathis. Art Saathis are individuals who volunteer with Art ki Pathshala to teach the kids the skills of creativity, critical thinking, expression, and communication through our well-designed program. Become an Art Saathi with us!

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Art Cart (Art kit)

Art supplies are expensive and for a student to own a complete Art Kit remains a dream. Art ki pathshala has curated Art Kits for these underprivileged students to explore their creative side and build confidence, the art of storytelling, and communication.

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Art kahani

It is a collection of art of young artists and .as we know that children love to listen and tell stories, so we will tell you the story behind each and every hand made painting made by our little artist.

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Art Ki Pathshala provides 'Art Kits' to the small talents
who are just waiting to bloom.


We believe in the power of art, and we need your support to help us spread this power to every child.

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