Art Connect

Our art connect is an initiative to connect the kids with Art Saathis. Art Saathis are individuals who volunteer with Art ki Pathshala to teach the kids the skills of creativity, critical thinking, expression, and communication through our well-designed program. Become an Art Saathi with us!

This is your flagship initiative connect the students to the aRT Saathis Under our Art Connect initiative we also do Art Labs is a year-long direct interventions program that caters to children across schools and organizations. Through our partnerships, we design and facilitate weekly art sessions for students and build in them the skills of creativity, critical thinking, perseverance, imagination, and communication.

How Can You Join Us?

To be part of Art ki Pathshala as a volunteer & help students build strong skills & support underprivileged kids.

The following can apply:

. Anyone who is keen to take up this causes
. Be a student, working professional.

And soon we will be in touch.

Role Of A Volunteer

Our volunteers would be responsible to help us with the campaigns and drives to support underprivileged kids in various schools only if you belong to the same city/area.

Also, the biggest part of their responsibility would be to help students develop these interpersonal skills through online sessions on Art, Craft, Communication, etc for Classes 3 to 5 and 7 to 8 every Sunday.

Process Of Applying

Just simply send us a message here,

Apply Here!

and add your basic and contact info along with clarifying Why do you want to be a part of Art ki Pathshala?", and soon our team will be reaching out to you.