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What Is Art Ki Pathshala?

"Art Ki Pathshala" is a platform for children from disadvantaged communities to explore their creative side and build real world skills through art. The kids through this exposure building critical creative thinking, creative communication, and creative confidence among other skills. By exposing the students to our initiatives- art cart, art kahaani, and art connect we aim at the building. We expose our students to our various initiatives to make sure they experience various elements and learn in the process. These initiatives become a self-discovery process for them to seek what they are good at.
Art ki Pathshala is here to help the kids to develop emotional, social, and mental skills to interact with the real world efficiently. Art ki Pathshala is an excellent way to increment a young child’s ability to problem solve and analyze in myriad ways.
Kids who find it difficult to express themselves in words look for more visual means to express their thoughts and emotions. ‘Art Ki Pathshala’ provides a safe environment through art we help them to motivate to dip their hands in artistry.


What are the Insights?

In India, over 13 million early teen students are affected by poverty and are underprivileged, art classes play a vital role in the development of the child's brain. Because learning art at an early school age increases Creativity and enhances Imagination, Increasing the Productivity and Critical thinking ability of a Child.
Most children in rural areas are either deprived of art classes or do not have the resources to buy art kits which hampers their overall growth and development

Our Step For A Change

and hundreds of smiles

Art Cart

Art ki pathshala has curated Art Kits for these underprivileged students to explore their creative side and build confidence, the art of storytelling, and communication.

Art Kahani

Art Kahaani is a collection of art pieces of our young artists and stories hidden. Every picture you buy comes with the story of the kid who painted it. Support these young dreamers by buying their paintings.

Art Connect

connect the kids with Art Saathis. Art Saathis are individuals who volunteer to teach the kids the skills of creativity, critical thinking, expression, and communication through our well-designed program.


Students Impacted


Kits Distributed


Children Reached Digitally


School Partnerships

Art Ki Pathshala provides 'Art kits' to the small talents
who are just waiting to bloom.


We believe in the power of art, and we need your support to help us spread this power to every child.

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