The Rang Tarang Fellowship is a unique opportunity for passionate and socially conscious college artists to utilize their creative talents to make a positive impact on the lives of children. Through this 6-month fellowship, fellows will receive a stipend of 15,000 INR per month while engaging in projects aimed at bringing the joy of art and painting to at least 1,000 children.

Within this immersive journey, fellows will design vibrant art workshops, splashing colour onto the canvas of young minds, fostering creativity, and offering a canvas for self-expression. The Rang Tarang Fellowship is a transformative journey for college artists to use their talents for the betterment of society. By joining this fellowship, artists will become agents of positive change, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of children through the colourful and impactful world of art.


  • Empower college artists to channel their creativity for social change
  • Provide a platform for artists to create meaningful and impactful art workshops for children.
  • Foster a sense of responsibility and empathy among artists, inspiring them to contribute to the community.
  • Encourage children to explore different art styles and become more comfortable with expression through art
  • Help students begin the process of making art portfolios

Fellowship Details

Number of Fellows Upto 15
Location Jaipur/Mumbai (India)
Stipend 15,000 INR per month
Duration 6 months
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants should be above the age of 18
  • Applicants should have a background in Art.
Duration of workshop 3 hour workshop twice a week

Application Process

The fellowship selection process is structured to create a cohort of dedicated and diverse fellows committed to making a positive impact through art. Interested candidates are participating in a comprehensive application process, involving the submission of written applications and 2-3 original art designs. Following this, a thorough interview process is being conducted to assess the candidates' commitment, artistic skills, passion for social impact, and ability to effectively engage with children.

The aim is to select up to 15 individuals who will not only showcase artistic excellence but will also demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for creating positive change in the lives of children. The rigorous selection criteria are designed to ensure a well-rounded and committed fellowship cohort.

Once selected, fellows embark on a transformative journey, starting with an intensive training program. This training phase equips them with the necessary skills, insights, and approaches to effectively execute their projects and engage meaningfully with the communities they serve.

Fellow Responsibilities

  • Community Engagement Projects: Fellows will design and implement art projects in collaboration with local schools, community centres, and NGOs to reach at least 1,000 children.
  • Art Workshops and Classes: Organize regular art workshops and classes to teach fundamental art skills, encourage creativity, and provide a platform for self-expression among children.
  • Mentoring and Skill Development: Provide mentorship to talented children, identifying and nurturing their artistic abilities, and guiding them towards future opportunities.
  • Exhibition: Organize a one-day exhibition showcasing the different artistic abilities of children

Benefits for the Children

  • Artistic Exploration: Children will receive mentorship and guidance, providing them with an opportunity to explore their artistic potential. Through personalized mentorship, they will be encouraged to express themselves creatively.
  • Certificates of Participation: Every child participating in the fellowship will be awarded a certificate of participation, acknowledging and celebrating their active involvement in the transformative art projects.
  • Exhibition Showcase: The artwork created by the children will be displayed in an exhibition, allowing them to share their creativity with a wider audience. This showcase not only boosts their confidence but also provides a sense of recognition.
  • Skill Development: The fellowship will equip the children with new and enhanced art skills. These skills will serve as a foundation for their artistic journey, providing them with tools they can use to further develop their art in the future.

Benefits for the Fellows

  • Stipend Support: Fellows will receive a stipend, acknowledging their commitment and dedication to using art as a means of positive change. This financial support aims to facilitate their active participation throughout the fellowship.
  • Social Skills Development: Beyond artistic growth, fellows will undergo a holistic development journey, enhancing their social skills through interactions with diverse communities. Engaging with children will sharpen their communication, empathy, and teamwork abilities.
  • Networking Opportunities: The fellowship provides fellows with a unique platform to connect with like-minded individuals, fellow artists, and professionals within the social impact sector. This networking opportunity can open doors for future collaborations and shared endeavors.
  • Professional Growth: Fellows will gain hands-on experience in project management, community engagement, and leadership. These practical skills will contribute to their professional growth, making them more well-rounded and socially conscious individuals.
  • Letter of Recognition: Upon successful completion of the fellowship, each fellow will receive a personalized letter of recognition. This formal acknowledgment will highlight their contributions, commitment, and the positive impact they have made through their artistic endeavors, serving as a valuable testament to their dedication to social change through art.

If you are interested to apply, send in your work along with a cover letter and your resume to artkipathshalaa@gmail.com by 31st January 2023